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Digital Mammography

What is the procedure?

Digital mammography is the latest technological advance in the fight against breast cancer. A mammogram is a low dose x-ray of the breasts.

Digital mammography images are electronically converted to be displayed on a computer screen where they can be manipulated by the radiologist. The radiologist can magnify, lighten, darken, and in general optimize visualization of the breast tissue. This often eliminates the need for additional images which can further reduce x-ray dose and shortens the exam time. In addition, a computer-aided detection system is used to help improve breast cancer detection. The computer is programmed to mark potentially suspicious areas in the breasts. Mammograms are still the most effective method of breast cancer detection at the earliest most treatable stage.

The day of the exam:

Do not use deodorant, perfume or powder on underarms or breasts the day of the exam. If your previous mammogram was performed elsewhere, please bring these images with you on the day of the exam. This often eliminates the need for additional images.

During the exam:

Your breast will be compressed during the exam to get the clearest picture with the lowest x-ray dose.




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